Custom-made babynest

Our baby-nest are so cozy for your newborn. After being in mommies womb for 9 months a baby-nest is most ideal for your baby to sleep in because of the sense of safety that it gives to your baby. The baby-nest can be used as a co-sleeper, this way your baby is sleeping in his/her own bed in your bed. It also can be used in the baby-crib. our baby-nest are made of very breathable material.

Every Product of ours is made with care and love. By choosing your favorite print and matching it with one of the beautiful waffle or plain cotton, we create an unique product just for you.

*Always use under supervision.

How do you help use create your babynest?

  • choose which blanket size  you want by clicking on one of the buttons or choose the button “NO BLANKET”
  • choose you print by clicking on the button.
  • leave a note with the chosen waffle or plain cotton. (see pictures with numbers, example “waffle 1 or plain cotton 4”).





Washing instuction
little accidents are inevitable with a newborn baby, and of course you will need to wash it from time to time. Not to worry though,  it quite easy for you to do so, and if you follow these washing instructions your babynest will be as good as new in no time:
1. Remove the mattress  at the foot end.  Otherwise just spot clean these with a damp cloth.
2. Make sure the strings on the sides of the babynest are tied together.
3. Place the entire babynest (without mattress ) into the washing machine and wash on a gentle cycle. We recommend a maximum of 30.C.
4. When it is done washing, simply lay it out on a flat surface until it dries properly. When it is completely dry, insert the mattress again and adjust the sides. Give your babynest a little massage to put it back into shape.


Omranding: fiber filling

Polyesther matras 500 mg good ventilating fiberfill

African wax print cotton

Waffle cotton/ Plain cotton/ Minky Fleece


Extra informatie


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